General Information

Following the successful 2012 and 2014 workshops on Modeling and Simulation of Transport Phenomena, this four-day event will once again bring together mathematicians who develop analytical and numerical methods for transport equations. The scientific program of the MoST 2020 workshop will be focused on the following topics:
  • physics-compatible high-order methods for conservation laws
  • algebraic limiting and residual distribution for finite elements
  • bound-preserving conservative interpolation (remapping) of data
  • optimization-based approaches to enforcing maximum principles
  • invariant domain preserving schemes for hyperbolic systems
  • a priori and a posteriori error estimates, smoothness criteria
  • adaptive mesh refinement and polynomial degree adjustment
  • modeling and analysis of unresolvable small-scale phenomena
  • applications to multiphase and multimaterial flow problems
The workshop will take place in the Moselle valley famous for its picturesque medieval towns, magnificent castles, and delicious wines.

Organizing Committee

Dmitri Kuzmin (TU Dortmund University)
Vadym Aizinger (University of Bayreuth)
Florian Frank (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
Andreas Rupp (Heidelberg University)
Hennes Hajduk (TU Dortmund University)
Johanna Grüll (TU Dortmund University)

Important Dates

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have decided to postpone the workshop and important deadlines. Please take notice of the changed dates below.

Confirmation of participation: August 31, 2020
Abstract submission and early registration: September 15, 2020
Late registration and cancellation: September 25, 2020
Workshop: October 12 - 15, 2020